A new special edition of the MGA kicked off today, addressing to participants from Sahel countries

September 27, 2022

Today, RES4Africa Foundation, in collaboration with the African Development Bank, MASEN, the support of Enel Foundation and within the framework of the Desert to Power Initiative, launched the special MGA edition Mini-grid Training for Energy Professionals in the G5 Sahel countries, which will be held online until the 30th of September.

The countries belonging to the Sahel region are characterised by clear socioeconomic challenges, such as high vulnerability to climate change and unsatisfactory electrification rates. Nevertheless, they can boast a wide availability of unexploited sources of clean energy, which could boost their development in a sustainable way.

With this training and thanks to the expertise of trainers from RES4Africa's network, the Foundation aims at building on the local human capital, providing first-hand capacity building to participants from Sahel countries, and encouraging the creation of knowledge-exchange networks. This edition, in particular, will be focussed on decentralised renewable energy systems, site selection, and engineering, and will consist of online theoretical lessons, complemented by working groups, and practical experiences on local power plants.


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Africa is a continent in continuous transformation, with a sustained economic and population growth, a fast-paced urbanization and a young generation of talents who is leading its business revolution. This transformation requires energy and will require it even more in the next decades.
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