On October 20th, the Ninth session of AM-Powering Connexions will Kick off

October 20, 2022

On the 20th of October 2022, RES4Africa Foundation will hold the 9th round of AM-Powering Connexions, an initiative promoted in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Pretoria, CSIR, Nedbank, SAESA, SAPVIA, and SAWEA. In this series of monthly morning sessions, South African energy community of professionals share ideas, discuss resources, and exchange engagement and connection opportunities related to South African energy transitions. AM-Powering Connexions is promoted by the RES4Africa Foundation

In July 2022, South Africa announced new measures to counter act the country’s load shedding crisis. The measures are sought to drastically increase South Africa's generation capacity and double the capacity requested in Bid Window 6, by eliminating the generation licensing cap. Additional measures include incentivising embedded content generation and grid connections besides a pragmatic approach to local content requirements. The upcoming AM-Powering Connexions session “Evolving energy procurement landscape - driving factors and new challenges” will focus on the importance of thoroughly discussing all the proposed regulatory changes in order to ensure their effectiveness and efficiency to reduce load shedding hours.

The discussion never stops: before, during and after the session the AM-Powering Connexions LinkedIn group will be at disposal of the South African stakeholders to share content, insights and opinions. Participation is free of charge, however, we kindly ask to officially request to join (button below).

After each meeting, all the participants will receive a brief, highlighting topics of the month, points raised during the discussion, emerging insights and suggested readings on the topic.


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Africa is a continent in continuous transformation, with a sustained economic and population growth, a fast-paced urbanization and a young generation of talents who is leading its business revolution. This transformation requires energy and will require it even more in the next decades.
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