RES4Africa at COP27 - What does it take to accelerate investment in Water-Energy-Food Nexus Projects

November 13, 2022

RES4Africa will participate in the COP27, with the special event What does it take to accelerate investment in Water-Energy-Food Nexus Projects?. The gathering, co-organised with RCREEE, will be held at the RCREEE Pavillion in the Blue Zone, on the 14th November 2022, from 5.00 to 6.30 pm local time. The event will take place only in-person.

By being held in Egypt, the COP27 will be particularly important for the international agenda about climate change: it will draw attention to its harsh impacts  on the MENA area and on the entire African continent, which faces huge challenges in terms of resilience and adaptation.

RES4Africa and RCREE will therefore propose a theme which is highly relevant both to the objectives and the geographical scope of the COP27: the Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus. This approach has gained prominence in the international debate: it has the potential of building business models able to stimulate the fulfilment of fundamental development needs, while guaranteeing sustainable use of natural resources and encouraging improvements in the socioeconomic conditions. This approach is expected to be particularly relevant to the MENA and Sub-Saharan regions, which are highly vulnerable to the impact of climate change.

With the dedicated event, RES4Africa’s and RCREEE’s will:

  • Provide an updated and comprehensive overview of the current WEF landscape.

  • Present the findings of the analysis on WEF Nexus business models and financing mechanisms RES4Africa is carrying out on behalf of the GIZ Programme Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme, co-funded by the EU and BMZ.

  • Gather private and public stakeholders for an open dialogue on existing Water-Energy-Food Nexus projects in MENA and Sub-Saharan regions.

Concept Note and Agenda

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