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November 29, 2023

The 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP28, will unfold from November 30th to December 12th, 2023, anticipated to be a focal point to address the critical challenges posed by climate change. For this reason, we are pleased to announce our participation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

RES4Africa Foundation will take the lead by hosting two side events while engaging in six others. This underscores the foundation's proactive involvement, facilitating crucial discussions and collaborations at this pivotal global gathering.

We invite you to join us and to stay connected as we bring you updates on RES4Africa's dynamic role at COP28!

RES4Africa Foundation Side Events



RES4Africa will hold the event Gearing Up Africa's Energy Transition by Conductive Policy and Legislative Frameworks at the Italy Pavilion. The findings of the assessments of electricity policy and regulatory frameworks in 16 African markets, conducted as part of the collaboration between UNECA and the RES4Africa Foundation, will be presented. The event will also present tools and resources that may assist policymakers and regulators in making well-informed decisions when formulating and implementing reform strategies. Finally, the gathering will serve as an interactive platform for open discussions on critical policy and regulatory hurdles, aiming to pave the way for increased private sector investment in Africa's fast-growing electricity sector.

Concept Note & Agenda

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RES4Africa will hold the event Innovative Solutions for a Youth-Led Just Energy Transition at the IRENA Pavilion. Our panel of experts will discuss how to boost the socioeconomic positive externalities of green energy investments, with a special focus on African youth. The event will witness the announcement of the three winners of the 2023 edition of RES4Africa’s Young Talent of the Year Award, and our new initiative RAISEAfrica, a pre-accelerator and accelerator programme focused on the renewable energy sector in Africa. This programme provides African startups with the resources, mentorship, and funding necessary to overcome key challenges while scaling up their businesses.

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Participation of RES4Africa in other side events 


RES4Africa will participate in the 90-minute high-level webinar Agrivoltaics: A Sustainable Climate Solutions for Food, Energy, Water. The gathering will explore the nexus of food, energy, and water, with a focus on the innovative concept of agrivoltaics for sustainability, especially for Africa and the Near East. This event aims to engage youth and professionals on the topic, exploring policy constraints for scaling up the use of agrivoltaics. The gathering will feature the results of RES4Africa’s first report on the topic Agrivoltaics: Harvesting solar energy in the Mediterranean which aims to provide comprehensive information about the system definition, design, and experiences from around the world to further identify enabling factors for deploying agrivoltaics in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon.

Concept Note & Agenda

RES4Africa will participate in the event  Renewable PtX Governance Frameworks: Key Guidelines to Unlock the Arab PtX Market! at the RCREEE Pavilion. The event will feature the unveiling of the study Towards a Green Hydrogen Ecosystem: Policy Priorities and Implementation Strategies for Morocco and Egypt, which analyses the current state of the green hydrogen sector in the region, highlighting how recent advancements could contribute to the broader adoption of clean technologies.


RES4Africa will participate in the high-level side event Role Of Digitalization in Accelerating Energy Access and Transition and Improving Energy Efficiency organised by the African Union Commission. With a focus on the urgent need for digitalisation in the African energy sector, the discussion seeks to foster knowledge exchange and partnerships, identifying key policies and practices to drive the digital transformation of Africa's energy sector. The anticipated outcomes include the identification of relevant policies, best practices, and modalities for successful public-private collaborations in advancing digitalisation. RES4Africa's Secretary General Roberto Vigotti will engage in a dynamic conversation contributing insights on key questions surrounding the digitalization of the African energy sector

Concept Note & Agenda


RES4Africa will participate in the event How Can We Build the Capacities and Skills That Youth Need to Develop a Successful Green Career? focused on the critical importance of building green skills and capacities for the development of sustainable, decarbonised, and resilient economies and societies. It emphasises the significance of enhancing the skills and capacities of youth as a key driver for a just transition and as a catalyst for achieving the 1.5°C climate scenario. Furthermore, the event underscores the essential connection between investments in renewable energies, climate-friendly solutions, and emerging green industries that create jobs and socioeconomic value. It highlights the need to align these investments with the development of green capacities and skills to ensure competitiveness and prosperity.

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RES4Africa will participate in the event Une transition énergétique juste et équitable: Challenges et Opportunités at the Morocco Pavilion. This dialogue centers on realizing a fair transition to renewable energy, aligning with global emission reduction targets in the Paris Agreement. Recognizing the uniqueness of each country's transition path, the event emphasizes the necessity for tailored, fair, impartial, and equitable strategies that consider national circumstances. With a focus on energy efficiency and renewables, the discussion is poised to shed light on Morocco's notable accomplishments in renewable energies and energy efficiency since commencing its energy transition in 2009, serving as a noteworthy example. RES4Africa's involvement highlights its commitment to contributing expertise for a just and sustainable global energy transition.

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RES4Africa will participate in the panel Women's Energy to Save the Planet, organised by the RAI Directorate for ESG Sustainability. The gathering aims to promote gender equality in public debate and society, and will analyse recent data on the presence of women in the renewable energy sector, with a specific focus on Africa, including the new RES4Africa study on the role of women in the Moroccan energy transition. In addition, a member of RES4Africa's Executive Committee will be adding their expertise to the discussion.

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