RES4Africa Hosts Side Event at MacFRUT in Rimini: "Agrivoltaics in Mediterranean Countries: The Time is Now!"

April 30, 2024

RES4Africa Foundation announces its upcoming side event in the framework of MacFRUT- Fruit & Veg Professional Show, titled "Agrivoltaics in Mediterranean Countries: The Time Is Now!" to be held on May 8th from 16:00 to 17:30 in Rimini-Expo Centre, Italy.

In the context of intertwined challenges of water, energy, and food security in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean, RES4Africa Foundation aims to highlight the potential of agrivoltaics as a sustainable solution. The region, facing environmental susceptibility, energy access issues, food scarcity, and water shortages, has been significantly impacted by climate change, leading to heightened vulnerabilities. Agrivoltaics, the combination of photovoltaic solar energy with agriculture, presents a promising pathway towards addressing these challenges. By cultivating crops under or between ground-mounted solar panels, agrivoltaics optimises land use, manages resource interdependencies, and contributes to renewable energy goals. Hence, the event aims to serve as a catalyst in promoting the widespread adoption of agrivoltaics in Mediterranean countries.

The objectives of the gathering include presenting the findings of the RES4Africa report Agrivoltaics: Harvesting Solar Energy in the Mediterranean, fostering dialogue among stakeholders, showcasing technological advancements, and promoting collaboration for large-scale implementation.

The event will also feature a roundtable discussion on Agrivoltaic and Innovative Business Models in the Mediterranean, and speakers will include representatives from the Italian Ministry of Environment and Energy Security, ENEA, Enel Green Power, Insolight, Gebal Egypt, and IRESEN.

RES4Africa Foundation invites all interested stakeholders to join this important event and contribute to shaping sustainable solutions for the Mediterranean region.

For further information and free registration, please visit the MacFRUT website.

Download our report Agrivoltaics: Harvesting Solar Energy in the Mediterranean

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