RES4Africa launches tender

RES4Africa launches tender to contract a consulting company or consultant, in order to analyse electricity interconnections in Morocco

In the framework of the RES4Med programme, RES4Africa is seeking to contract a consulting company / consultant to deliver a report analysing electricity interconnections in Morocco. The report will examine multiple perspectives (regulatory framework, interconnection investment models, techno-economic criteria for assessing interconnection infrastructure, and best practices etc.), outlining recommendations for a future interconnection roadmap based on Morocco's aspirations.

Morocco is investing in energy interconnections as a strategic direction, as they can boast economic and security benefits, as well as reduced environmental impacts. RES4Africa Foundation has been studying the issue of electricity grid interconnections for some time, viewing it as a key component of the energy transition and the deployment of renewable energy. In 2021, the Foundation conducted a study on cross-border PPAs in collaboration with PwC to examine the barriers to developing crossborder PPAs between Morocco and the European Union under the Sustainable Energy Trade (SET) framework.

The upcoming study is an ideal prosecution of such a workstream; for a comprehensive overview of tasks and requirements, as well as for a description of the application process, please refer to the attached ToR.

Deadline to apply: 30 March 2023 at 17.00 pm CET Time.

The announcement of the winner will be on 7 April 2023, followed by the signature of the contract on 14 April 2023

Download the Official Terms of Reference

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