RES4Africa’s Grids & Storage Lab Successfully Completed its Second Session in Casablanca

On the 23rd and the 24th of May, Res4Africa's Grids & Storage Lab held its second session on "Integration of Large-Scale Renewables into the Electrical System". The two days training held in Casablanca, Morocco, was addressed to a group of 30 ONEE (Office National de l'Electricité et de l’Eau Potable) representatives to discuss and analyze the regulatory and financial aspects of incorporating intermittent renewable energy sources into the transmission and distribution grid.

Morocco has been implementing a strong strategy to develop renewable energy and attract private investments. Nevertheless, to fully meet its RES target and become a regional leader, it requires a stronger emphasis on developing an efficient grid system and innovative storage solutions.

On the first day of the Lab, the speakers emphasized the crucial role of the legal framework and grid codes in developing future networks. On the second day, the focus shifted towards regulatory issues - with an in-depth analysis of the Italian and Spanish markets - and fostering private sector participation, pointing out its indispensable contribution in terms of capital, knowledge sharing, and cost-effective digital solutions. The training also delved into innovative topics such as demand response, energy communities, and self-consumption allowing participants to explore new energy management approaches.

During the event, RES4Africa has shared its expertise in regulatory development and private sector engagement in networks across Africa, through its studies "Examen réglementaire du marché de l'électricité au Maroc: vers une attraction des investissements du secteur privé" and "Private Sector Participation in African Grid Development".

The Grids & Storage Lab showcased a commitment to gender equality and inclusivity by ensuring the participation of professionals with different backgrounds - including generation, transmission, distribution, and market - and fostering a rich and multidimensional learning environment, as well it represented an opportunity to enrich the exchange of knowledge/ideas with ONEE.

List of speakers and trainers: Fabrizio Bonemazzi, Andrea Renzulli and Lorenzo Vilona (RES4Africa); Yassine Naciri, Fabrice Iemma, Claudio Lupetti, and Angel De La Peña (Enel Green Power); Serdar Bolat (EU DSO Entity); Riccardo Siliprandi (Afry); Alejandro Falkner (Enel Grids).

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