The 32nd edition of RES4Africa Academy’s Technical and Vocational School ended after 5 days of hands-on learning in Nairobi, Kenya

17 young energy professionals from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Mozambique participated in the 32nd training edition of RES4Africa Academy's Technical and Vocational School (former MGA) on Micro-Grid Academy: Module 3 - Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) system design, Operation & Maintenance (O&M) and safety, supported by the knowledge partner Enel Foundation and carried out entirely in person, in Nairobi, Kenya, from the 19th to the 23rd February 2024.

The lectures hosted at Strathmore University, in collaboration with Strathmore Energy Research Centre (SERC), provided trainees with in-depth knowledge and a comprehensive overview of a broad set of technical topics related to photovoltaic and mini-grids systems (i.e., system design – manual design and design with software tools (HOMER), wiring and testing Operation & Maintenance (O&M), monitoring, control and metering, health, safety and environment, and more).

As a crucial part of the learning path, students also attended one-day practical training facilitated by Raynow Energy on PV system O&M and final uses in community projects. The hands-on experience consisted of a site visit and solar panels’ cleaning at the Juja Health Centre, just off Nairobi, which was previously electrified as part of the “Renew-ABLE Against COVID” project by RES4Africa, Elettrici Senza Frontiere and Tecnologie Solidali Onlus. On top of that, trainees participated in a workshop on e-mobility to further deepen their comprehension of the Productive Use of Energy concept and the practical applications of renewable energy.

This immersive learning experience was made possible through collaboration with key partners, including the Technical and Vocational School network, Strathmore University, St. Kizito VTI, AVSI Foundation and Enel Foundation. Expert-led classes and technical demonstrations were held by professionals from SERC, Sapienza University, and Raynow Energy, ensuring a holistic and enriching educational journey for all participants.

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Africa is a continent in continuous transformation, with a sustained economic and population growth, a fast-paced urbanization and a young generation of talents who is leading its business revolution. This transformation requires energy and will require it even more in the next decades.
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